Cillian Murphy’s Net Worth, Biography, Early Life, Education, Career, and More

Cillian Murphy is a popular actor and singer who has become a global sensation after appearing in several world-class movies. In this article, I’m going to explain all the necessary and important information about him including his net worth, biography, early life, education, career, and other important information about the talented Irish actor.




Name: Cillian Murphy

Net Worth: $20 Million

Birthdate: May 25, 1976

Age: 47 years old

Birthplace:Douglas, County Cork

Height: 5 ft 8 in (1.75 m)

Profession: Actor, Musician

Nationality: Republic of Ireland




Cillian Murphy was born on May 25, 1976, in Douglas, County Cork, Ireland. According to the available information, he was raised in Ballintemple, Cork, together with his father, who worked for the Irish Department of Education, and also his mother, who was a French teacher. 


From an early age, Murphy was playing music and writing songs from the age of ten.




Cillian Murphy was born on May 25, 1976. At the moment of writing this article, he is 47 years old.


Educational Background


Cillian Murphy attended a Catholic secondary school Presentation Brothers College, he was brilliant but got in trouble often. Cillian Murphy got his first taste of performing when he participated in a play; according to him, his English teacher (novelist William Wall) encouraged him to pursue acting.


In 1996, Cillian Murphy enrolled for law at University College Cork but failed his first-year exams, preferring to instead focus on playing with his band. When he was at UCC, Cillian Murphy performed in two plays, “Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching Towards the Somme” and “Little Shop of Horrors.”




Cillian Murphy started his career as a music artist because he was a rock musician, he was known as a musician before he came into the limelight as an actor.


Cillian Murphy loves music, so he pursued a career as a musician, and songwriter. He loves singing and playing guitar in different bands with his brother. 


Cillian Murphy and his brother are influenced by the Beatles and Frank Zappa and named their band The Sons of Mr. Greengenes.


Both Cillian Murphy and his brother were offered a five-album record deal with Acid Jazz Records, but they didn’t sign the contract. Murphy said in retrospect, he was glad they hadn’t.


Murphy landed an audition at the Corcadorca Theatre Company in September 1996 and debuted in the professional play “Disco Pigs” later that year. “Disco Pigs” was intended to only run for three weeks, but it ended up touring Europe, Canada, and Australia for two years.


Murphy dropped out of university and left his band. After the run of “Disco Pigs” was up, he intended to go back to playing music, but he secured a talent agent instead, and took acting as a profession.


Over the years, he has appeared in several Irish and British film and stage productions in the late 1990s and early 2000s.


Cillian Murphy moved to Dublin for a few years and then settled in London in 2001.


In 2002, Cillian Murphy got his leading role as Jim in Danny Boyle’s post-apocalyptic flick “28 Days Later” With this movie he was able to get international recognition.


“28 Days Later” became a sleeper hit in North America and other countries of the world so it helps to place  Murphy on the map of brand new fans.


Cillian Murphy’’s performance earned him nominations for Best Newcomer at the Empire Awards and Breakthrough Male Performance at the MTV Movie Awards.


In 2003, Cillian Murphy appeared in Chekhov’s “The Seagull” at the Edinburgh International Festival. He also starred opposite Colin Farrell in 2003’s “Intermission,” which was the highest-grossing Irish independent film in Irish box office history.


Also in 2003, Cillian Murphy had a small role in “Cold Mountain,” he appeared alongside Jude Law. Murphy also appeared in “Girl with a Pearl Earring” with Scarlett Johansson. In 2004, Cillian Murphy was back on the stage and toured Ireland with the Druid Theatre Company.


Cillian Murphy appeared in the 2010 blockbuster “Inception,” the superhero film “Batman Begins” (a role later reprised as cameos in “The Dark Knight” and “The Dark Knight Rises”), and in the thriller “Red Eye.” At the same time, he kept returning to the theater.


Murphy has played the lead role of Tommy Shelby since 2013 in the highly acclaimed and praised BBC series “Peaky Blinders,” a series about a criminal gang in 1920s-era Birmingham, England.


In 2014, Cillian Murphy appeared alongside Jennifer Connelly in the drama “Aloft” and also 2015 Ron Howard helmed “In the Heart of the Sea.” In 2016, Murphy portrayed World War II Army soldier Jozef Gabcik in “Anthropoid” alongside Jamie Dornan. In 2017, he played a small role as a shell-shocked army officer in Christopher Nolan’s epic war film “Dunkirk.”


Cillian Murphy was nominated and won many awards for his work on “Peaky Blinders.”


In 2023, Cillian starred in Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer” as the title character, physicist Robert Oppenheimer.


On March 10, 2024, Cillian Murphy won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his work in Oppenheimer. Nolan won a Best Director Oscar, Robert Downey Jr. won Best Supporting Actor, and the film won Best Picture, among other wins.


Cillian Murphy’s Net Worth

Cillian Murphy is one of the most successful Irish actors at the moment, he is an Irish film and theater actor.


At the moment of writing this article, Cillian Murphy’s net worth is estimated to be $20 million.


Cillian Murphy started his career as an actor in the 1996 play “Disco Pigs,” and has since appeared in a wide range of roles, like the Scarecrow in “Batman Begins,” Jackson Rippner in “Red Eye,” and Kitten/Patricia in “Breakfast on Pluto.”


Murphy became popular globally when he appeared as Thomas Shelby in the BBC and Netflix series “Peaky Blinders.” He has received critical acclaim for his performance in the series, which has been praised for its stylish visuals, complex characters, and sharp dialogue.


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