Wizard Chan Biography, Age Career, Net Worth, Personal Life, Girlfriend, and More

Wizard Chan is a Nigerian singer and songwriter and is one of the hottest upcoming music artists in Nigeria. He was born in Okrika, Port Harcourt, River State Nigeria. He is also a native of Rivers State.


In this article, I will let you know about Wizard Chan’s biography, age, career, net worth, girlfriend, and other important information about him. 


Make sure you read to the end so that you will know Wizard Chan better. 


Wizard Chan’s Biography


Fuayefika Maxwell is the full name of Wizard Chan who is a Nigerian singer and songwriter that specializes in reggae and hip-hop. Likewise, he is also a music producer.


Fuayefika Maxwell was born on  June 26th, his age is unknown at the moment. According to the available information, he is the youngest of five children born to Chief & Mrs. Fuayefika.


He started making a name for himself in the Nigerian music industry immediately when he dropped his first official single ‘Halo Halo’ which was released in 2020.


Wizard Chan also dropped another single titled ‘Earth Song’ released towards the end of 2022. 


According to the available information, Wizard Chan was born in Okrika, Rivers State, and

spent his childhood in Port Harcourt.


Wizard Chan’s Education 


When it comes to his educational background, Wizard Chan attended both his primary and secondary school education in Rivers State.


He attended De World International Secondary School in Rivers State. He proceeded by attending Wisconsin International University College in Accra, Ghana, where he graduated with a degree in Marketing.


Immediately after his graduation, he returned to Nigeria and served in Sokoto for his National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), a rite of passage for Nigerian graduates.


Wizard Chan’s Career


Fuayefika Maxwell is the real and full name of Wizard Chan, who is a Nigerian singer and songwriter who specializes in reggae and hip–



Fuayefika Maxwell had a passion for music even at an early age, he was introduced to music and started writing songs and performing in choirs 


Wizard Chan’s unprofessional first song was recorded in December 2011, immediately after completing his secondary education, this is the

beginning of Wizard Chan’s career in the Nigerian music industry. 


In 2020, Wizard Chan started his career as a music artist professionally as he dropped his first single ‘Halo Halo’. 


Also in October of the same year, he dropped another single titled ‘Truth’. 

Even though he is a hardworking artist, he is not getting enough visibility in the Nigerian music industry until December 2022 after dropping another single titled ‘Earth Song’.


The song became a hit and its ‘Earth Song’ proved to be a turning point for Wizard Chan because the single climbed the charts to become one of the Top 20 Songs in Nigeria on Apple Music.


The trending single helped him to build a little fan base that gave him a lot of visibility in the Nigerian music industry toward the end of the year and in 2023. 


Wizard Chan was honored with awards at The Headies and the

Galaxy Music Awards, showing his status as a rising star in the country.


Over the years, he had collaborated with numerous artists, featuring songs like ‘Thousand Voices’ and ‘Beast of Our Nation’.




Wizard Chan won the Best Alternative Song of the Year for ‘Earth Song’ at The Headies was a testament to his talent

and the impact of his music.


Wizard Chan’s Personal Life


Currently, there is little to no information about Wizard Chan’s private life. He has kept his private life from social media and other social media.


At the moment, he is single, he probably has a girlfriend.


Wizard Chan’s Girlfriend


Currently, there is no information about Wizard Chan’s girlfriend because he doesn’t post about her on his social media page. 


Wizard Chan’s Net Worth

Wizard Chan is a popular Nigerian singer and songwriter who makes his money from the success of his music career.


At the moment, Wizard Chan’s net worth is estimated to be $50,000.


Wizard Chan’s Real Name


Wizard Chan is a Nigerian singer and songwriter, his real and full name is Fuayefika Maxwell.


Wizard Chan’s State Of Origin


According to the available information, Wizard Chan is a native of Rivers State, Nigeria.


Wizard Chan’s Social Media 


Currently, Wizard Chan is active on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and others.


You can contact him on Instagram: @wizard.chan


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