Area Scatter Biography, Age, Personal Life, Real Name, Career, Net Worth, and More

Uzoma Odimara is a popular Nigerian crossdresser and music artist, he is popularly known as Area Scatter. He was very popular in the post-Nigerian Civil War era of the 1970s in Imo State, Eastern Nigeria. 


In this article, I will let you know details about the popular Nigerian crossdresser that originated from Imo State Nigeria. 




Uzoma Odimara is the real name of Area Scatter who was born in Imo State, South East Nigeria; at the moment of writing this article, his age and date of birth are unknown.


According to the available information, he was a civil servant during the years of the Nigerian Civil War. During the chaos of the civil war, Uzoma Odimara disappeared from the general public and the major reason for his disappearance is unknown to anyone.




Currently, there is no information about his educational background. He was born in Imo State Nigeria where he spent his childhood and most of his time. He probably attended his primary and secondary schools in the same location. 




Area Scatter is a popular crossdresser and musician who came into the limelight in the late 1970s. He was unique during his time because of his unconventional and daring approach to entertainment.


Likewise, Area Scatter is known across the Eastern part of Nigeria due to his flamboyant style. Area Scatter usually braids his hair, wears makeup, and wears female fabrics, walking around in heels, and even playing music in the homes of the upper class.


According to his audience, during Easter in the entertainment industry in the eastern part of Nigeria, Area Scatter thumb piano, a beautiful voice, and charismatic presence.


As an entertainer, Area Scatter is also an actor, comedian, and show performer.


During his lifetime, he was known for creating awareness and promoting tolerance for gender diversity, together with his musical talent, he was able to create a platform to entertain people in the eastern part of Nigeria where he was born and spent most of his lifetime.


Area Scatter State of Origin 


According to the available information on the internet, Area Scatter was a native of Imo State and he spent most of his life in the same location.



Area Scatter was unmarried when he rose to fame in the entertainment industry in the late 70s. 


Area Scatter may have married in secret but there is no information about his wife.


Net Worth 


At the moment, there’s no information about Area Scatter’s net worth. He rose to fame in the late 70s. He is a crossdresser, music artist so his net worth will be estimated to be around 50 million naira. 





At the moment, there is no information about Uzoma Odimara’s children. When he was still available and popular in the eastern part of the country he was not seen with a child. 




There is no record or information about Area Scatter’s parents’ names even when he was in the limelight in the eastern part of Nigeria.


Probably his parents are natives of Imo State where Area Scatter was born.


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