John Calipari’s Net Worth, Biography, Age, Career, Wife, Children, and More

John Calipari is one of the most successful basketball coaches in the United States.


In this article, I will let you know all the important information about him. Make sure you read to the end so that you will get the complete information and know John Calipari better than before.




Full Name: John Calipari

Gender: Male

Age: 64

Birthday: February 10, 1959

Height: 188 cm or 6′1″

Profession: Basketball Coach

Net Worth: $45 Million

Relationship Status: Married

Wife: Ellen Calipari


John Calipari’s Net Worth 


John Calipari is one of the most successful basketball coaches in the United States. He started his career many years ago and he has earned millions of dollars for himself over the years.


At the moment of writing this article, John Calipari’s net worth is estimated to be $45 million.


John Calipari has been dominating the sport in the United States, especially basketball, for over two decades and he is still doing it to this moment.


Over the years, John Calipari has made massive contributions to the NBA. Currently, he is the head coach at the University of Kentucky Wildcats.


John Calipari’s Biography


John Calipari was born on February 10, 1959, in Moon Township, Pennsylvania, United States, at the moment, he is popularly known as a basketball coach. He is one of the most popular sports figures in the United States and other countries of the world.


According to the available information, John Calipari was born into a family of five in Moon Township, a suburb of Pittsburgh,



His parents, Vince Calipari is the name of his father, while her mother’s name is Donna Calipari. They also have two more children, they are Terri Calipari and Lea Calipari.


John Calipari’s Education 


John Calipari attended Moon Area High School and graduated in 1978; he was able to receive his education. Likewise, his first shot at



John Calipari proceeded to earn a degree in marketing from Clarion State College. While he was in college, John Calipari played for the Clarion State Eagles.


John Calipari’s Career 


John Calipari started his career as an assistant at Kansas University before he became head coach at UMass in 1988. Within a short time, John Calipari gained attention because he was able to lead his team to five NCAA tournaments from 1992 to 1996 and won the A-10 Conference Championship four straight times between 1992 to 1996.


Between 1998 and 2000, John Calipari coached at the University of Memphis with eight incredible seasons with Kentucky where he was named Naismith National Coach of the Year twice in 2009 and 2015. 


At the moment, Coach Calipari is working with Wildcats and there are several reports of multiple offers for coaching positions across professional and collegiate platforms alike.


John Calipari is a big name in the world of basketball in the United States and his name will continue to make an impact in the minds of all basketball players and coaches for years to come.


Aside from being a basketball coach, John Calipari is also an author, he wrote five books. One of his books titled “Players First: Coaching From the Inside” became a New York Times bestseller.


John Calipari’s Origin


John Calipari is a basketball coach and is an American of American ethnicity. Currently, he is the head coach for basketball at the University of Kentucky.


Over the years, John Calipari has achieved massive success that no other coach had thought possible in their career.


John Calipari’s origin, ethnicity, and nationality have had an impact on his profession as a basketball coach because American players appreciate and respect his experience and also have a direct connection with him on a cultural level.


John Calipari is a successful and famous basketball coach even outside the basketball court because is so popular on several platforms including numerous radio shows and podcasts.


How John Calipari Rise To Fame in the United States

John Calipari came into the limelight in the world of sports in the United States as one of the most successful college basketball coaches.


He was able to take his teams the University of Kentucky, the University of Memphis, and the University of Massachusetts to the NCAA tournament.


John Calipari is known for his ability to develop any player into a high-performing basketball player within a short period. Over the years, he has produced several top players in the NBA.


At the moment, John Calipari has won several accolades including nine trips to the Final Four, four conference championships together with three national titles.


Over the years, John Calipari has been known as one of the greatest basketball coaches not just in the United States but globally.


He has an impressive record in both college and professional ball courts. John Calipari has nine trips to the Final Four, four conference championships, and three national titles.


John Calipari’s Wife And Children


At the moment of writing this article, John Calipari is currently married to Ellen Calipari, who is a carpenter. 


Ellen Calipari is capable of making anything out of wood, from tables, chairs, bookcases, desks, cabinets, and others


According to the available information, the couple met in Kansas when John was an assistant basketball coach. During this period, Ellen worked as a secretary.


They got married 3 years later on June 22, 1986. Now they are blessed with three children; Megan Rae, Erin

Sue and Bradley Vincent, who is a popular basketball player and plays for the Kentucky Wildcats.


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