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Deza De Great Biography
:Adekanla Desalu, widely known as Deza The Great, born on November 7, 1980 is a Nigerian actor, film producer, model, TV host, and brand influencer. Rising to prominence through his unparalleled talent and unwavering dedication to artistic excellence, Deza has captivated audiences with his magnetic presence and commanding performances, earning accolades and admiration in equal measure.

Full Name: Adekanla Desalu
Date of Birth: November 7, 1980
Place of Birth: Lagos
Origin: Lagos
Nationality: Nigerian
Profession: Actor, Film Producer, TV Host, Brand influencer, Model
Notable Movies: 10 reasons why, Big Love
Net Worth: $500,000

Early Life and Career
Born on November 7, 1980, into the esteemed Desalu lineage, Deza the Great embodies a legacy of excellence and achievement. Now, at the age of approximately 43, his journey reflects a remarkable trajectory marked by academic distinction, professional ascendancy, and multifaceted expertise.

Within the familial sphere, Mr. and Mrs. Desalu, the patriarch and matriarch of the Desalu dynasty, cast a guiding light, instilling values of resilience and perseverance in their progeny. Deza’s mother, an esteemed educator renowned for her unwavering dedication to discipline, continues to impart invaluable wisdom, nurturing the ethos of familial solidarity and intellectual pursuit. Amidst familial ties, Deza shares kinship with his siblings, among whom Morin Jide-Ibironke, his accomplished younger sister, stands as a beacon of familial pride and solidarity.

Having received a Second Class Upper Division Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Agricultural Science from the esteemed University of Lagos, Deza’s undergraduate tenure laid the foundation for his intellectual pursuits. Subsequently, his thirst for knowledge led him to Nexford University, where he pursued a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a specialized focus on artificial intelligence, thereby augmenting his academic repertoire with cutting-edge insights and strategic acumen.

In the realm of professional pursuits, Deza embarked upon a trajectory of success, commencing his career journey in June 2005 at Globalcom (GLO) as a Customer Care Consultant. Rapidly ascending the ranks of corporate hierarchy, his relentless dedication and strategic vision earned him elevation to the position of Business Developer within the Commercial Roaming Department by November 2007. Demonstrating adaptability and foresight, Deza transitioned to Equatorial Trust Bank, now recognized as Sterling Bank, in 2008, heralding a transformative chapter in his professional narrative.

Over the course of a distinguished 14-year, 11-month tenure at Sterling Bank, Deza’s ascent epitomizes a saga of perseverance and leadership excellence. Initially serving as a business process analyst, he honed his craft with precision and foresight, culminating in his current role as the esteemed Regional Client Engagement Officer. In this capacity, spanning over 70 offices across Lagos State, Deza orchestrates a symphony of service excellence and operational efficiency, embodying the ethos of client-centricity and organizational excellence.

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Endowed with a diverse array of professional competencies, Deza stands as a paragon of versatility and adeptness across multifarious domains. His expertise spans the realms of acting, project planning, operational management, team leadership, and financial acumen, underscoring his multifaceted prowess in navigating complex organizational landscapes.

From the tender age of youth, the seeds of performance were sown within the heart of Deza the Great. With an innate passion for the dramatic arts, he and his brothers found solace and excitement in the world of cinema, relishing in the grandeur of Hollywood productions and the timeless allure of authors such as James Brown and the late Ian Fleming. Their familial bond was further fortified by their father’s shared enthusiasm for Hollywood films, culminating in spirited rehearsals that echoed the cadence of cinematic excellence, with roles practiced meticulously, often exceeding the count of 28 repetitions.

Upon bidding adieu to Globalcom in 2018, Deza The Great serendipitously embarked on a journey that would unveil the latent potential of his theatrical aspirations. A chance visit to his former workplace ignited the spark of his acting career, as serendipity interwove his path with that of luminaries from the entertainment industry, including renowned actress Monalisa Chinda. Encouraged by her sage counsel, Deza seized the opportunity to venture into uncharted waters, guided by the hand of destiny towards Emem Isong, a luminary film producer whose discerning eye recognized his untapped talent.

Armed with determination and a burgeoning zeal, Deza embarked on his inaugural foray into the realm of acting in 2010, setting foot into the hallowed halls of the Royal Arts Academy in Surulere. Here, amidst the luminaries of the silver screen, including the likes of Desmond Elliot, Uduak Isong, and Emem Isong, his journey into the annals of cinematic history found its inception, symbolized by his portrayal of the character Barry in the acclaimed TV show “Catwalk.”

Yet, the exigencies of his banking profession beckoned, compelling Deza to momentarily set aside the allure of the limelight in favor of career advancement. Despite the hiatus, the flame of his artistic passion remained undimmed, flickering in the recesses of his soul, awaiting the moment of resurgence. True to his indomitable spirit, Deza returned to the embrace of the silver screen in 2019, embarking on a journey marked by tireless dedication and unwavering resolve.

Balancing the rigors of his banking profession with the demands of his burgeoning acting career, Deza epitomizes the epitome of resilience and determination. Nights and weekends became sanctuaries of creative expression, as he navigated the duality of his professional pursuits with consummate grace and unwavering commitment. In the nurturing embrace of Sterling Bank, he found not only a vocation but a sanctuary that fostered the pursuit of alternative career trajectories, where the dichotomy between financial acumen and artistic expression found harmonious coexistence.

Notable Movies
No Way Through
Pink or Blue
Unusual Arrangement
In Your Heart
Thirst Trap
Let’s Play
Silly Mistake
Hot Mess
Big Love
Love in Lagos
Cloud 9
10 Reasons Why
Le and the CEO

Social Media
Deza the Great’s captivating charisma extends beyond the silver screen, resonating profoundly in the digital realm. With an impressive following exceeding 160,000 loyal devotees on Instagram (@dezathegreat), he curates a tapestry of inspiration and insight, fostering a community of enthusiasts drawn to his magnetic allure and unwavering dedication to artistic excellence.

Personal Life
In the sanctuary of his personal life, Deza the Great finds solace and fulfillment in the embrace of his cherished union with Mrs. Desalu. Their matrimonial bond, a testament to enduring love and mutual respect, has flourished over the span of 14 years, epitomizing the timeless beauty of companionship and commitment. Together, they bask in the joyous splendor of parenthood, blessed with the endearing presence of two radiant daughters who illuminate their lives with boundless love and laughter. Their eldest daughter, Lizzy Desalu, graced the world with her presence on November 8, 2008, a cherished beacon of light who embarks on the journey of adolescence with grace and vitality, poised to celebrate her 13th birthday in the year 2021.

Net Worth
Beyond the realms of artistic acclaim, Deza the Great commands a formidable presence in the domain of financial prowess, boasting a net worth estimated at a staggering $500,000. His entrepreneurial acumen and strategic investments underscore a trajectory of success marked by resilience and foresight, emblematic of his multifaceted journey towards prosperity and fulfillment.

Deza the Great emerges as a stalwart figure, navigating the intricate tapestry of professional pursuits with consummate grace and unwavering determination. His indelible imprint on the realms of business and innovation stands as a testament to his enduring legacy, inspiring generations to come with his unparalleled vision and steadfast commitment to excellence.

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