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This article is all about Paul Onwuanibe. I will let you know all the necessary information about the popular African entrepreneur and real estate mogul, including his biography, age, career, net worth, personal life, wife, children, parents, and other important information about him. 


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Paul Onwuanibe is one of the most successful African entrepreneurs, at the moment, he is the MD/CEO of Landmark Group.


Over the years, Paul Onwuanibe has focused on real estate and serviced office companies with over 500 companies as clients with offices in five continents. 


Paul Onwuanibe Biography and Education 


According to the available information on the internet, Paul Onwuanibe was born in Paddington, London. His father’s name is George Onwuanibe, Likewise, his mother’s name is Dorothy Onwuanibe. 


Paul Onwuanibe was born on 29th June 1965. He attended several educational institutions including Imperial College London, London Business School, University of Nigeria, UNN Nsukka, and London South Bank University.


Paul Onwuanibe Age


Paul Onwuanibe is a popular African entrepreneur, he was born on 29th June 1965 in Paddington, London, United Kingdom. 


At the moment of writing this article, Paul Onwuanibe is 58 years old. 


Paul Onwuanibe Career 


Paul Onwuanibe is a successful Nigerian business magnate and the founder and CEO of Landmark Africa, one of the most successful real estate and property development companies in Nigeria.


Aside from that, Paul Onwuanibe is also the owner of the Landmark Leisure Beach which was the first in-city premier privately-owned beachfront in Lagos, Nigeria.


Paul Onwuanibe has been in the real estate and property management business for over two decades and has significant experience in design and execution projects.


Paul Onwuanibe had a successful career in the United Kingdom before he relocated to Nigeria to start up his business in Lagos and other locations in the country. 


According to the available information, Paul Onwuanibe worked with several companies in the United Kingdom for several years before he decided to start his own business. 


Paul Onwuanibe started creating a business plan for his business in the United Kingdom. Paul established the Landmark company in the UK, opening offices in Germany, Spain, Belgium, and France. 


He had been running a successful business in Europe for over 5 years before he realized that the African property scene was largely unexploited. So you began to do research and his result led him to visit Lagos Nigeria to find a place that had potential but hadn’t been developed.


After several efforts and research, Paul Onwuanibe established Landmark Leisure Beach, but business is not the only reason why he relocated to Nigeria.


According to Paul, No matter how successful you are in the UK, no matter how long you’ve lived there, you never really have that sense of identity. You always feel you are in a foreign land, in a foreign place. It’s almost like leaving your house and visiting a friend and deciding to sleep there. You’re never as comfortable in your friend’s house as you are in yours.


At the moment, Paul Onwuanibe is the Group Chief Executive Officer and founder of The Landmark Group. He also owns several properties including Landmark hotels and Landmark Towers.


Paul Onwuanibe is a Nigerian top real estate mogul who owns numerous real estate properties across Nigeria in several locations like Lagos, Abuja, and other cities in the country. 


Paul Onwuanibe’s Personal Life

According to the available information, Paul Onwuanibe was born on 29th June 1965 in Paddington, London, United Kingdom. He is 58 years old at the moment.


Paul Onwuanibe’s father’s name is George Onwuanibe. and Dorothy Onwuanibe is the name of his mother. According to him, his parents are of Nigerian descent.


Paul Onwuanibe is one of the few Nigerian billionaires who kept their private lives to themselves. He lives his private life and it does not show off on social media like other young Nigerian billionaires. 


He probably resides in Lagos although his location is not available to the general public at the moment of writing this article. 


Paul Onwuanibe Cars


These are some of the known cars of Paul Onwuanibe. He probably has more in his garage at the moment. 


  • 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser 70th Anniversary
  • 2021 Rolls-Royce Cullinan


Paul Onwuanibe’s Wife and Children 


Paul Onwuanibe got married to his wife in  1993, Dr (Mrs) Ikunna Onwuanibe; she was a medical doctor and they were blessed with two children Ugochi and Chika.


Net Worth


At the moment of writing this article, 

Paul Onwuanibe’s net worth is not available to the general public, he is probably worth millions of dollars but the actual figure is not available on the internet or other platforms that are available to the general public. 




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