Top 10 Richest Musicians in Nigeria 2024 – Number 10 May Surprise You!

Top 10 Richest Musicians in Nigeria 2024 – Number 10 May Surprise You!

Welcome to the dazzling world of Nigerian music, where the beats are as hot as the Jollof rice and the talent is as bright as the Lagos skyline at night. In recent years, the Nigerian music scene has exploded onto the global stage, with Afrobeats leading the charge as Africa’s hottest musical export.

In this age of streaming platforms and viral sensations, Nigerian artists are no longer confined to the local corner joint. They’re taking their beats global, and with it, their bank accounts are getting a serious upgrade. From Lagos to London, Abuja to Atlanta, our homegrown talent is making waves – and making serious bank while they’re at it.

But how exactly are they stacking up those dollar notes? Well, it’s a little bit of this, a little bit of that. We’re talking record sales, sold-out shows, endorsement deals that would make your head spin, and let’s not forget about the savvy side hustles that keep the cash flowing even when the music stops.

So, grab your popcorn and settle in, because TopWorldBio is about to reveal the top 10 richest musicians in Nigeria 2024. And trust me, you won’t believe who’s holding down the number 10 spot!

1. Wizkid (Net Worth of $30 million) – Richest Musicians in Nigeria 2024

In 2024, Wizkid holds the crown as Nigeria’s wealthiest musician, boasting a staggering net worth of $30 million. Not content with just being the richest, he’s also the highest-paid artist in the country, commanding a jaw-dropping appearance fee of $1 million.

But Wizkid’s success didn’t happen overnight. Born into humble beginnings, with parents who were civil servants struggling to make ends meet, he had to hustle hard to make his dreams a reality.

His musical journey began at the tender age of 11 when he started recording songs and even formed a group with his church buddies, dropping an album before venturing out on his own.

In 2009, he caught his big break with a record deal from Banky W’s Empire Mates Entertainment (E.M.E), and the rest, as they say, is history. His debut single “Holla at Your Boy” in 2011 catapulted him to stardom, paving the way for his debut album “Superstar.”

But it was his collaboration with Drake on the smash hit “One Dance” in 2016 that truly launched him onto the global stage, making history and cementing his status as a household name worldwide.

With billions of streams on Spotify and Apple Music, Wizkid’s music has not only earned him critical acclaim but also a hefty paycheck, with over $32 million in revenue from these platforms alone.

And when he’s not busy breaking records and topping charts, Wizkid isn’t afraid to indulge in the fruits of his labor. Case in point: in 2022, he made headlines for reportedly splurging over ₦1 billion (approximately $1 million) on 7 luxury cars in a single day. Now that’s what you call living the “Star Boy” life!

2. Davido (Net Worth of $27.6 million) – Richest Musicians in Nigeria 2024

Davido may have been born into wealth, but don’t let that fool you – he’s earned every bit of his success through hard work and dedication.

His journey in the music industry began with humble beginnings as part of the group KB International. However, he soon struck out on his own, carving a path to stardom with his undeniable talent and drive.

The turning point came with the release of his smash hit single “Dami Duro” in 2012, setting the stage for his debut studio album “Omo Baba Olowo.”

Since then, Davido has been on a roll, churning out hit after hit with songs like “Gobe,” “Skelewu,” “Aye,” “If,” and “Fall.” The latter made history by becoming the longest-charting Nigerian pop song on the Billboard charts, solidifying Davido’s status as an international sensation.

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With a massive fanbase and global recognition, Davido commands top dollar for his concerts and appearances, reportedly charging a cool $500,000 per show.

And when it comes to his bank account, Davido isn’t playing around. With a net worth of $27.6 million, he’s sitting pretty at the top of the music industry.

But perhaps what’s most impressive is Davido’s penchant for flaunting his wealth, particularly through his jaw-dropping car collection, which is rumored to be worth a staggering ₦1.9 billion (that’s around $1.5million for those keeping score). As they say, it’s good to be the Omo Baba Olowo!

3. Don Jazzy (Net Worth of $25 million) – Richest Musicians in Nigeria 2024

Don Jazzy may not be in the spotlight as much as some artists, but don’t let that fool you – he’s the mastermind behind some of the biggest hits in Nigerian music history.

With a career spanning two decades, Don Jazzy is a true legend in the Nigerian music industry. His journey began back in 2004 when he joined forces with D’Banj to create Mo’ Hits Records, a move that launched them both into superstardom.

But Don Jazzy’s talent didn’t go unnoticed on the global stage. In 2011, he caught the attention of music icons like Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Beyoncé, leading to collaborations on projects like “Watch The Throne.”

After the dissolution of Mo’ Hits Records, Don Jazzy wasted no time in creating his empire. In 2012, he founded Mavin Records, envisioning it as a powerhouse of African music. And with signings like Tiwa Savage, Reekado Banks, Rema, and Ayra Starr, it’s clear he has an eye for talent.

But Don Jazzy’s interests extend beyond just music. He’s also a savvy businessman with investments in tech, food, and fashion.

With a net worth of $25 million, Don Jazzy is not just a musical genius – he’s also one of the wealthiest musicians in Nigeria, proving that success comes in many forms in the entertainment industry.

4. 2baba ((Net Worth of $22.5 million) – Richest Musicians in Nigeria 2024

2Baba is more than just a music icon – he’s a living legend whose influence spans generations. From his incredible vocal range to his timeless lyrics, he’s left an indelible mark on the Nigerian music scene.

His journey began back in his college days at the Institute of Management & Technology in Enugu, where he honed his skills by performing at events and composing jingles.

In 1996, he adopted the moniker “2Face,” a name that would become synonymous with greatness in the years to come. And in 2016, he made the bold move to change it to “2Baba,” a testament to his evolution as an artist.

His time with the group Plantashun Boiz alongside Blackface Naija and Faze was just the beginning. Together, they released hit after hit before going their separate ways in 2004.

But it was his solo career that truly solidified his status as a music icon. His debut album “Face 2 Face” in 2004 featured the iconic track “African Queen,” a song that resonated with audiences around the world and helped put Nigerian music on the map.

Now, with a net worth estimated at $22.5 million, 2Baba continues to thrive, not just as a musician but also as a savvy businessman with lucrative endorsement deals.

While he may not be as active in the spotlight these days, there’s no denying that 2Baba’s legacy will continue to inspire generations to come.

5. . Burna Boy (Net Worth of $22 million) – Richest Musicians in Nigeria 2024

When it comes to global recognition, Burna Boy stands in a league of his own. Well, almost. Wizkid gives him a run for his money, quite literally, since they both command a hefty $1 million for appearances.

Burna Boy’s musical roots run deep, thanks to his mother Bose Ogulu, who once managed the legendary Fela Kuti. Growing up in this musical powerhouse, Burna Boy immersed himself in beats, crafting his sound using FL Studio.

Ever since his breakout hit “Like to Party,” Burna Boy has been on a roll, churning out one chart-topper after another.

His relentless dedication to his craft has paid off big time, earning him prestigious awards like the Grammy for Best Global Music Album.

With a net worth of $22 million, Burna Boy rightfully claims his place among Nigeria’s wealthiest musicians.

And let’s talk bling! Burna Boy isn’t shy about flaunting his love for jewelry. Case in point: he dropped nearly ₦2 billion on a diamond ring. And don’t even get started on his impressive car collection.

6. Rudeboy (Net Worth of $16 million)

Rudeboy, born Paul Okoye, has solidified his status as one of Nigeria’s music elites.

He rose to fame in the 2000s as one-half of the dynamic P-Square duo, alongside his twin brother, Peter Okoye.

Their musical journey began in the school’s music and drama club, where they honed their skills performing covers of hits by legends like MC Hammer, Bobby Brown, and Michael Jackson.


After P-Square disbanded in 2017, both brothers pursued solo careers. Rudeboy kicked off his solo venture with tracks like ‘Fire Fire’ and ‘Nkenji Keke’.

However, it was his hit single “Reason With Me” that truly propelled him into the spotlight, becoming Africa’s most-viewed YouTube video in 2019 with over 189 million views to date.

In terms of wealth, Rudeboy edges out his twin brother Mr. P, boasting a hefty net worth of $16 million.

7. D’Banj (Net Worth of $16 million) – Richest Musicians in Nigeria 2024

D’Banj has left an indelible mark on the Nigerian music scene, enjoying both artistic acclaim and financial prosperity.

Although he’s been making waves since 2005, it was his smash hit “Oliver Twist” in 2012 that truly catapulted him to international stardom, topping charts across multiple countries.

With a net worth of $16 million, D’Banj’s fortune stems from a diverse range of sources, including music sales, lucrative endorsements, and successful business ventures.

8. Timaya (Net Worth of $14 million) – Richest Musicians in Nigeria 2024

Timaya is undeniably one of Nigeria’s wealthiest musicians, with an impressive net worth of $14 million.

His entrance into the music scene introduced a fresh blend of Nigerian pop, dancehall, hip-hop, and soca, carving out a unique niche for himself in the industry.

Timaya’s journey began with a stint as a backup vocalist in Eedris Abdulkareem’s hip-hop group, where he honed his skills. However, after three years, he decided to pursue his solo career, collaborating with other artists and making cameo appearances in music videos.

In 2005, Timaya’s career took off with the release of his debut single “Dem Mama,” inspired by the tragic events of the 1999 Odi massacre. This song not only showcased his talent but also marked the beginning of a prosperous solo career.

9. Peter Okoye (Mr. P) (Net Worth of $12 million) – Richest Musicians in Nigeria 2024

Peter Okoye, better known as Mr. P, has left an indelible mark on the Nigerian music scene with his unique sound and captivating stage presence.

His journey to stardom began as one-half of the iconic P-Square duo, which dominated the music scene in the 2000s. Together, they captivated audiences with their musical talent and dynamic performances, earning a loyal fan base and solidifying their position as industry frontrunners.

After the dissolution of P-Square in 2017, Mr. P embarked on a solo career, unleashing hits like “For My Head” and “Cool It Down” to critical acclaim.

In addition to his musical pursuits, Mr. P has demonstrated his business acumen by establishing the PClassic Label and signing promising talents, including the renowned activist and DJ Switch.

In 2021, he took another significant step in his solo journey with the release of his debut album, “The Prodigal,” featuring collaborations with top industry names such as Tiwa Savage, Simi, and Wande Coal.

With a net worth estimated at $12 million, Mr. P secured the ninth spot among Nigeria’s wealthiest musicians in 2024.

10. Olamide (Net Worth of $10.5 million) – Richest Musicians in Nigeria 2024

Surprise, surprise! Making an unexpected entry on our list of the Top 10 Richest Musicians in Nigeria 2024 is none other than Olamide.

Olamide burst onto the scene in 2010 with his smash hit debut single, “Eni Duro,” which showcased his distinctive rap style and lyrical prowess.


The following year, he dropped his first studio album, “Rapsodi,” featuring collaborations with heavyweights like Wizkid, 9ice, and D’banj. This marked the beginning of a string of successful albums that solidified Olamide’s status as a powerhouse in the industry.

But Olamide didn’t stop there. In 2012, he took a bold step by founding his record label, YBNL Nation. This move not only gave him full creative control over his music but also provided a platform for up-and-coming talents to shine. It was a strategic move that propelled him even further into the limelight.

With a net worth of $10.5 million, Olamide proudly claims the title of the richest rapper in Nigeria.

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