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Skepta Biography
: Joseph Olaitan Adenuga Jr. known by his stage name Skepta, born 19 September, 1982 is a prominent British rapper, producer, music video director renowned in the grime scene. Famous for his raps that are full of self-aggrandizement and anti-establishment sloganeering. Co-founding Boy Better Know in 2005, he rose to fame with the hit single “That’s Not Me” in 2014 and continued to make waves with subsequent releases.

Full Name: Joseph Olaitan Adenuga Jr
Date of Birth: 19 September, 1982
Place of Birth: Tottenham, London United Kingdom
Origin: Ogun State, Nigeria
Nationality: Nigerian, British
Profession: Rapper, songwritter, record producer, music video director
Net Worth: $20 Million

Early Life and Career
As the eldest child in a Nigerian family with Yoruba and Igbo heritage, Skepta’s upbringing was steeped in cultural diversity and artistic expression. His siblings, including fellow musician Jme, radio presenter Julie, and graphic designer Jason, provided a supportive environment for his creative endeavors.

Skepta’s musical odyssey began with the release of his debut studio album, “Greatest Hits,” in 2007, followed by “Microphone Champion” in 2009. These independent ventures laid the groundwork for his ascent to fame, culminating in the release of his third studio album, “Doin’ It Again,” in 2011.

A pivotal moment in Skepta’s career came with the release of his fourth studio album, “Konnichiwa,” in 2016. This critically acclaimed album showcased hit singles like “That’s Not Me” and “Shutdown,” propelling Skepta into the international spotlight and earning him the prestigious Mercury Prize for Album of the Year.

Skepta began his “Banned From America” two-part, 14-show tour on 16 April 2017 at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, which covered cities throughout the United States and Europe.The tour was named as such in reference to Skepta’s forced cancellation of his 2016 “No Fear” American tour in support of Konnichiwa, when his application for a visa to enter the United States was denied.

Skepta’s artistic evolution continued with collaborations on global hits such as “Praise the Lord (Da Shine)” with American rapper ASAP Rocky and “Energy (Stay Far Away)” with Nigerian sensation Wizkid. His fifth studio album, “Ignorance Is Bliss,” released in 2019, further solidified his status as a trailblazing artist.

In 2020, Skepta embarked on a collaborative project titled “Insomnia” with British rappers Chip and Young Adz, achieving yet another milestone with his third album to reach the top 10 of the UK Albums Chart.

Skepta’s influence extends beyond the realm of music, with his impact on contemporary British popular culture earning him recognition as one of the most influential figures in the UK. His artistic talents transcend genres, as evidenced by his collaboration with Sotheby’s to exhibit his paintings during the COVID lockdown.

In 2022, Skepta signed with Wasserman Music for worldwide representation, further expanding his reach and influence within the global music industry. The following year, he founded his own record label, Big Smoke Records, with a mission to uplift and promote emerging talents in the music industry

His influence on contemporary British popular culture as a key figure in the grime scene saw him appear on Debrett’s 2017 list of the most influential people in the UK.

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Beyond his musical pursuits, Skepta made notable forays into acting, with his debut role in the 2015 film “Anti-Social” marking the beginning of his cinematic journey.

On 4 April 2018, he was installed as a chief in his Nigerian hometown in Ogun State, receiving the chieftaincy title of the Amuludun of Odo-Aje. The title means “Chief Entertainer of Odo-Aje”.

In December 2019 he appeared as himself in a Grand Theft Auto Online expansion as a radio host with Danny Brown. Brown also lent his voice to another fictional character in the game.

Despite his achievements, Skepta has encountered controversy, notably in January 2024 when artwork for his single “Gas Me Up (Diligent)” sparked criticism for its unintended allusions to the Holocaust. In response, Skepta issued an apology, acknowledging the unintended parallels and pledging to exercise greater mindfulness in his creative endeavors.

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Notable Projects
Greatest Hits (2007)
Microphone Champion (2009)
Doin’ It Again (2011)
Konnichiwa (2016)
Ignorance Is Bliss (2019)
Insomnia (with Chip and Young Adz) (2020)
Knife And Fork (2024)

Skepta has won numerous awards for his music, including two Mobo Awards including “Best Video” for “That’s Not Me” Feat. Jme and in 2014 and ” Best Song” for “Shut down” in 2015.

Mercury Prize Album of the year for “Konnichiwa” in 2016

Mobo Awards Best Album for “Konnichiwa” in 2016.

He won Best Song at the 2017 NME Awards for “Shutdown”. Same year, he won the Best British Male Solo Artist and BET Awards for Best International Act:UK in 2017.

He was also nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance with Drake in 2018.

Personal Life
Skepta maintains a private personal life, with limited information available about his relationships and family. While rumors have circulated regarding his romantic involvement with supermodel Naomi Campbell, Skepta remains discreet about his personal affairs. He shares two children, a daughter and a son, with undisclosed partners.

Net Worth
With a net worth estimated at $30 million, Skepta’s success in the music industry has afforded him financial stability and creative freedom to pursue his artistic endeavors.

Skepta’s enduring legacy as a pioneering force in British music culture reflects his unwavering dedication to artistic expression and social commentary. Through his music, collaborations, and entrepreneurial ventures, Skepta continues to inspire and influence a new generation of artists, leaving an indelible mark on the global music landscape

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