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Zinoleesky Biography
:Oniyide Azeez, born on April 21, 2000, professionally recognized as Zinoleesky, is a multifaceted Nigerian singer, songwriter and rapper. He catapulted to fame following the launch of his inaugural album, “Chrome Eccentric,” distinguished by chart-topping singles like “Ma Pariwo” and “Kilofeshe.” His meteoric rise culminated in a prestigious nomination for the Next Rated Artist at the esteemed 15th Headies Awards in 2022.

Full Name: Oniyide Azeez
Date of Birth: April 21, 2000
Place of Birth: Agege, Lagos
Origin: Ogun State
Nationality: Nigerian
Profession: Singer, Songwritter
Genre: Afrobeats, Afropop, Rap, Street pop
Label: Marlian Records
Net Worth: $250,000

Early Life and Career
Zinoleesky, a luminary of Nigeria’s burgeoning music scene, was born on April 21, 1995, into the esteemed Oniyide family, natives of Ogun State, Nigeria, yet he blossomed under the vibrant skies of Lagos State. His formative years were spent amidst the bustling streets of Agege, Lagos, where he imbibed the essence of his roots and honed his craft. His educational journey commenced at the prestigious Lively Kiddies Nursery and Primary School, where he laid the foundational stones of his academic prowess. Subsequently, he pursued his secondary education at Boys Secondary School Agege, Lagos, marking the trail of his intellectual pursuit.

The melody of Zinoleesky’s destiny began to echo as he treaded the path to adolescence. A beacon of talent, he found solace and passion in the harmonies of music, an affinity that would shape his future. Embarking on his musical odyssey as a freestyle rapper, he soon captured the attention of aficionados in 2017 when his mellifluous compositions transcended the digital realm, resonating with audiences far and wide.

To cultivate his nascent talent, Zinoleesky embraced the digital age, leveraging social media as a conduit for his creativity. With unwavering determination, he inundated the virtual airwaves with his lyrical prowess, captivating audiences with his adeptness in freestyle rap. His renditions, often set to the backdrop of popular melodies or as covers of contemporary singles, found resonance with aficionados of Afrobeats and Street Pop, fostering a burgeoning community of admirers.

With each passing week, Zinoleesky’s ascendancy in the underground rap echelons became increasingly evident. His viral rap videos became emblematic of his rising stature, engendering widespread acclaim on platforms such as Instagram. The tapestry of his artistry flourished, as he cultivated a dedicated fanbase within a remarkably short span, etching his name in the annals of musical acclaim.

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Fortune, it seemed, had an appointment with destiny, as Zinoleesky found himself at the nexus of opportunity. In 2019, the hallowed halls of the music industry beckoned, extending the allure of collaboration with established luminaries. Though beckoned by the illustrious DMW label, an offer tendered by the venerable Davido himself, Zinoleesky chose to chart his own course, opting to traverse the path of an independent artist, if only for a fleeting moment.

However, destiny had other plans, as Zinoleesky’s trajectory intersected with the indomitable force of Naira Marley’s Marlian Music. At the heralded Marlian Fest of December 2019, amidst a fervent congregation of devotees, Naira Marley unfurled the banner of his eponymous label, enshrining Zinoleesky alongside other luminaries. This pivotal juncture marked the genesis of a new chapter, as Zinoleesky’s talents found a hallowed sanctuary within the bosom of Marlian Music.

Within the hallowed halls of Marlian Music, Zinoleesky’s star ascended to dizzying heights. A virtuoso of Afrobeats, he traversed linguistic boundaries, weaving seamless compositions in English, Pidgin English, and Yoruba. Collaborations with both titans of the industry and burgeoning talents bore testament to his versatility and magnetic allure.

Despite the siren call of established labels, Zinoleesky remained steadfast in his pursuit of artistic autonomy. In a narrative that captivated the imaginations of his ardent followers, he eschewed the overtures of both AMW and DMW, choosing to forge his own destiny amidst the tempest of creative freedom. Though met with consternation from some quarters, his resolve remained unyielding, a testament to the indomitable spirit that defined his artistic ethos.

Undeterred by the vicissitudes of fortune, Zinoleesky’s perseverance bore fruit, as the benevolent hand of fate bestowed upon him the patronage of Naira Marley. The hallowed halls of Marlian Records echoed with jubilation as the news reverberated through the digital ether, heralding a new dawn for the prodigious talent. The release of his inaugural single under the Marlian banner, “Caro,” featuring the label’s illustrious patriarch, Naira Marley, marked a watershed moment, a symphony of triumph amidst the harmonies of destiny.

In the annals of Zinoleesky’s musical odyssey, milestones abound, each a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence. His debut studio album, “Chrome Eccentric,” released in 2020, served as a magnum opus, a paean to his artistic ingenuity. Tracks such as “Mapariwo” and “Kilofeshe” resonated with audiences, carving a niche within the sonic tapestry of contemporary Afrobeats.

The inexorable march of time saw Zinoleesky unfurl new vistas of creativity, culminating in the release of his seminal EP, “Grit and Lust,” in December 2022. Tracks such as “Call of Duty” and “YanYanYan” bore witness to his evolution as an artist, each a melodic testament to the depths of his soul.

In a narrative fraught with tumult and intrigue, Zinoleesky found himself ensnared in the unforgiving tendrils of controversy. The moniker of “Show Killer” and “Problem Child,” once emblematic of his indomitable spirit, became entangled in a maelstrom of legal woes, as allegations of illicit drug possession cast a shadow over his illustrious career.

In a shocking turn of events, Zinoleesky, alongside his compatriot Mohbad, found themselves entangled in a web of legal scrutiny, as the specter of illegal drug substances loomed large. The fateful arrest, executed by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), sent shockwaves reverberating through the corridors of the music industry, leaving fans and admirers reeling in disbelief.

February 2022 bore witness to the zenith of this harrowing saga, as Zinoleesky and Mohbad found themselves detained, ensconced within the cold confines of legal custody. Days stretched into eternity as the specter of uncertainty loomed large, casting a pall over the luminous tapestry of their careers.

Yet, amidst the crucible of adversity, a glimmer of hope emerged, as Zinoleesky and Mohbad were eventually released from the clutches of legal purgatory. Though scarred by the crucible of controversy, their resolve remained unbroken, a testament to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

Notable Songs
Gone Far
Caro (featuring Naira Marley)
Who Knows
Won Wa Mi
Nitori E
Life Drama
Wo Wa Mi
Ma Pariwo
Ni Tori E
Don’t Call Me
Firi Yoyo
Shuga Dadi

Awards and Nominations
Zinoleesky’s ascent within the musical firmament has not only garnered him widespread acclaim but also earned him recognition on prestigious platforms. Notably, he was nominated for the coveted Headies Awards Rookie of the Year in 2020, a testament to his burgeoning influence within the industry.

In 2022, the hallowed halls of the Headies once again beckoned, as Zinoleesky found himself vying for the title of Next Rated Artist. Though the coveted laurels ultimately found a home with the enigmatic BNXN, formerly known as Buju.

Social Media
In the digital realm, Zinoleesky stands as a colossus, wielding his influence across multiple platforms. Notably, his Instagram handle, @zinoleesky, serves as a bastion of his digital footprint, boasting a staggering following in excess of 3 million devotees. Through his captivating imagery and insightful musings, he has forged a symbiotic relationship with his audience, fostering a community united by a shared love for his music.

Personal Life
Beyond the limelight, Zinoleesky’s personal life has been a subject of intrigue and speculation. In October 2021, headlines were ablaze with rumors of a burgeoning romance between Zinoleesky and Shubomi, the sister of his esteemed collaborator, Naira Marley. Though the whispers of romance tantalized the public imagination, Zinoleesky maintained a discreet silence, leaving the veracity of the speculation shrouded in mystery.

However, in January 2023, Zinoleesky offered a glimpse into the tapestry of his personal life, as he publicly announced his single status. Though the declaration elicited curiosity from fans and admirers alike, Zinoleesky’s proclamation underscored his commitment to transparency and authenticity.

In December 2023, joyous tidings graced the threshold of Zinoleesky’s abode, as he welcomed his first child into the world. A daughter, christened Zendaya, her arrival heralded a new chapter of love and fulfillment in Zinoleesky’s life, imbuing his days with the boundless joy of parenthood.

Net Worth
In the realm of material wealth, Zinoleesky’s star continues to ascend, as he commands a net worth estimated at a staggering $250,000. Though mere numbers fail to encapsulate the true essence of his artistic legacy, this tangible manifestation of success serves as a testament to his prowess and influence within the industry.

As the cadence of his journey continues to unfold, Zinoleesky stands as a paragon of artistic integrity, a beacon of inspiration for aspiring talents the world over. Through the vicissitudes of fortune and the tumult of creativity, he remains resolute, his melodies echoing through the corridors of time, a testament to the immutable power of the human spirit.

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